Apple Watch fall detection feature saves life of 78-year-old man

Smart watches are important to many people in many ways. However, this story of Apple Watch is different. It does all kinds of things, from how many calories you burn, to your heart rate to your blood pressure. But, no one will believe that this smart watch from Apple has recently saved the life of a 78 year old Mike Yeager from the United States. This watch saved his life because of fall detection feature.

How Apple Watch helped Mike Yeager in surviving?

This was happened when Mike Yeager, who is a resident of North Carolina, was walking down the street as usual and suddenly he got fit and fell down. The incident was reported in Apple’s Fall Detection. Apple sent him an emergency message, but he didn’t get a response from Mike. So, Apple immediately sent a message to the emergency number 911 and informed Mike about his physical condition. Officers arrived at the scene and rescued Mike Yeager.

Officials from the Summerfield local department, arrived on time and rescued Mike Yeager in distress. But, Mike Yeager wondered how the officer got to his house. How did you get here, he asked the same question to the officials. Officials said Mike’s Apple Watch sent an emergency message to his department.

Apple watch has a feature called emergency service. Apple’s service automatically sends a message if you have an emergency or similar physical condition. Even before this, many features of the app have saved lives.

A service called Automatic Fall Detection is available in the Apple Watch Series 4 and above, which benefits people over the age of 65.

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