Facebook launched smartwatch with dual cameras ready for launch, video calling feature, price…

Facebook has said that it is fully prepared for the launch of this smartwatch and is currently working on the second and third generation of this smartwatch. Now, after Apple’s Smartwatch, Facebook company is also planning to launch its smartwatch. The launch could happen early next year. The social media giant has said that it is all set for the launch of the smartwatch and is currently working on the second and third generation of smartwatches. Facebook smartwatch will have many new generation features. Two cameras will be given in the body of the device, as well as a detachable display will also be given.

With the help of Facebook smartwatch, users can send messages through the device. In the smartwatch, you will find many features related to health and fitness. Facebook smartwatches will not only compete directly with Apple smartwatches, but also with companies from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and others.

Features and launch date

Facebook smartwatch can be launched next year. The upcoming smartwatch will be available in all other countries including India. Talking about the features of this smartwatch, it will have a large display that you can remove (detachable). Also you will get two cameras in it. Both cameras will work differently.

You can remove the detachable part and click Photos and Videos. As you know, this watch is being made by Facebook company. So you can share anything on Instagram and WhatsApp. The front camera of Facebook smartwatch will also support video calling. At the same time, the company will provide a rear-facing HD camera for capturing photos and videos. It will have features related to calling, phone, messaging, LTE, health and fitness.

Color and Price

The smartwatch will be offered in three colors including White, Black and Gold. The company can also launch its blue version. A smartwatch can cost up to one thousand 400. Also, its price in India can be up to Rs 30,000.

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