How to use Secret button available on the back side of iPhone

Everybody has the craze to purchase an iPhone. Not only that, nowadays you can easily spot the iPhone in the hands of many people. Also, many time we are not aware of the many tricks that are available in our phone that we use regularly on daily basis. Frequently, iPhone users don’t have a clue about the tricks or exceptional features available in their smartphone. Today, we will reveal to you about such tricks.


Many time we see the Apple icon available on back side of the iPhone. You believe that is the logo. Yet, it’s not simply a logo, it’s a hidden button. Presently, you might be somewhat shocked to hear this. Yet, indeed, this logo has a catch that you don’t see. By using it, we can without much of a stretch do numerous things in the smartphone.

We see the Apple logo on the rear of the iPhone. That logo is not only available for status however for lot of things that even iPhone users may not know.

Would you accept on the off chance that somebody said that there is a mystery button in the logo on the rear of the iPhone? No, yet this is valid. Using this logo you can do numerous things quicker.

What’s more

You can use this logo to take screenshots, increasing or decreasing the volume. Not just this, you can undoubtedly use it for scrolling on the screen.

Step by step instructions for using it on iPhone

iOS 14 working framework individuals will have the option to use this feature. Now, you need to go to settings and select the ‘Accessibility’ choice. Then, you have to select Touch and at that point you will see a choice called ‘Back Tap’. We need to start this feature called ‘Back Tap’. You can use this feature at whatever point you need and use this for above mentioned trick.

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