Instagram introduced new Vanish Mode; following are the changes in chat

Facebook has recently launched new feature for its very popular social media Instagram App. Instagram users are already very much excited about this feature. Instagram is most famous among the youths and is generally used more for photographs. Facebook has first announced about this feature in November. Later on in the first week of December it has launched this new feature called ‘Vanish Mode’ for Instagram users in India. This is a sort of privacy feature. This permits users to chat without leaving any trace.


Difference in Instagram

Facebook has modified the Instagram inbox like Messenger. For this, the symbol of Instagram has been changed and now it looks precisely like Messenger. Facebook has additionally launched a cross platform messaging service. Also, now 50 individuals are allowed to join video call at same time.

How to use the Vanish Mode?

If you want to use the Vanish Mode on your Instagram then first open the Instagram. Then, open the messenger in it. Then, open the chat box of those person with whom you want to use this feature. Now, swipe upwards on the screen of your smartphone. Vanish mode will be activated and you can also send the message. While using this feature, the other person on chat will also get notification that Vanish Mode is activated. Additionally, once user reads the message, your message will be deleted automatically.

instagram vanishing mode

If you have taken screenshot of a message that you have recieved while using Vanish mode then the information about that will be sent to sender through notification. Similarly, you can also send the text, sound, video and gif files in Vanish mode. Once the client reads that message, it will be erased immediately aftrer that.

Users can easily delete their chat proof now. So, in future you will not face any issues like having an excessive amount of chat messages. No extra time is required to clear the chat box. You can send as many number of text, video and audio as you need from Instagram. This feature is similar to the Disappearing Message feature available in WhatsApp. It is really going to reduce your efforts required for keeping the chat box clear.


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