Telegram adds video call feature to 30 people at a time, screen sharing to counter WhatsApp

Telegram is constantly offering new features to its users. The company has now added another feature for its users, in which they can convert group chat into video conference call. Users can use this feature in the latest versions of Telegram’s iOS, Android and desktop apps.

Also, users will have the option to pin someone’s video feed so that the pinned person remains in the center even if a new person joins the call. According to Engadget, users can share their screen. Users will also have the option to share both the camera feed and the screen simultaneously.

Video call to 30 people at once

Up to 30 people can participate in a Telegram video call simultaneously. However, the company has said that the limit will be increased. Telegram said voice chat is being expanded to support live events and other new features. Users can participate in group video calls over the phone, as well as from tablets and computers.

Earlier, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov made the announcement in a message posted on his official Telegram channel, in which he wrote: “We will be adding a video feature to our voice chats in May, making Telegram a powerful platform for group video calls. Will become.

Moving chat from WhatsApp to Telegram

Users are shutting down Signal or Telegram by shutting down WhatsApp but some of them are afraid of losing their chats. For such users, we have brought relief news. Because now you can transfer your WhatsApp chats to Telegram. Telegram rolled out a new feature a few months back, which is currently available on Android. With the help of this feature, WhatsApp users can easily transfer their chats and multimedia files to Telegram. This chat export feature has also been rolled out for iPhone users.

How to Export Chats on Telegram?

1. If you are using Android phone then first you have to open WhatsApp chat.

2. Click on the option with the three dots in the corner.

3. After clicking on the three dots, click on the More option.

4. Now you will see an option named Export Chat, click on it.

5. After clicking on Export, the Share menu will open. Select Telegram in it.

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