Using QR code for payment, be aware of this fraud methods

qr code payment

The QR code has been working like a new tool for digital hackers since last few months. Nowadays, many people are making payments either online or at petrol pumps, shops or at different places by scanning the QR Code. However, by scanning the QR code, users can easily fall prey to fraudster.

Quick Response (QR) Code Origin

Quick Response (QR) was first made in Japan. It is currently used my many small vendors and its important to be more cautious when using it. Otherwise, one can lose large amount to fraudsters. There are a couple of things that we need to remember while making any payment.

There has been a big expansion in number of users in digital payments during this Corona time frame. As online transactions are getting increased, the pace of online extortion is also getting increased. When making contact less installments, cash is transferred by scanning just QR code. Fraudsters exploit that. They change the code. So the installment goes to the fraudsters record. Changing this QR code and embedding another code for the same is called phishing. This permits your cash to go to the fraudsters account without going to the businessperson.

There are various kinds of phishing method available with scanning of this code. Scammers generally send this codes to users through messages or emails. In which a lottery of very large amount is mentioned. In which, it says that cash will be credited in users account by giving UPI PIN. Sometimes, users scans that code and shares the UPI PIN that is mentioned, however after entering the UPI PIN, the cash is immediately gets credited to the fraudsters account.

Fraudsters then replaces the original QR code with their own code. If any payment is made by using this replaced code at retailer shop or petrol pump. This will allow the payment to be transferred to the scammers account.

Precautions to be taken

  • Be cautious when making the payments by scanning the QR code at the shop or at any other place. While scanning this code, always confirm the name of the recipient.
  • Avoid to scan this codes from any unknown emails or from any other messaging services.
  • If possible then try to use payment using app instead of of scanning QR code directly from your smartphone camera, as it will reveal details at minute level.
  • Once, this code is scanned then kindly focus on any exchange made through the bank and if any error is found then file a grievance right away.

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