WhatsApp Group can be transferred on Signal app using this step

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Signal messaging App is getting a great preferences now, as people are opposing to WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. Because of this, WhatsApp is getting lots of dislike around the world. Hence, the popularity of messaging app Signal is increasing day by day. In any case, most users don’t have a clue how to move their WhatsApp group to the Signal App. Here is the way to transfer your WhatsApp group to Signal App.

Saying Bye to WhatsApp App

Learn first Signal App

Signal application is messaging application similar to WhatsApp. The unique thing about this application is that all the messages are encoded till the end. This implies that only sender and recipient messages can be seen. Nobody else can see the messages. Similar to WhatsApp, you can use this app to transfer all photographs, voice calls, video calls and files.

Steps for moving WhatsApp groups

Here, you should initially make new group in the Signal App. Now, go to the settings of this group and click on the group links. Turn on the group links and share that link in your old WhatsApp group. So your friends can join that link.

Shared Link Group individuals can connect directly to that Signal Group. Also, they are soon going to launch some new highlights for its users in India.

There are reports of people opposing to WhatsApp’s new Privacy Policy. Also, complaints about the new choice for forcing the individuals to take individual data on WhatsApp are increasing day by day. The overall users as well as the CEOs of various large organizations and business tycoons have started picking other applications other than this messaging app. We have also heard that more than 1000 employees of the companies have removed WhatsApp app from their mobiles including CEO of PhonePe. Now, these employees are using Signal app for all their work. The organization’s Chief Executive Officer Sameer Nigam (PhonePe CEO – Sameer Nigam) said this in a tweet.

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