WhatsApp secret features for chatting with 3 simple tricks

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WhatsApp is continuously trying to add new features for its increasing number of users around the world. There are many WhatsApp secret features that you might not know and that might really help you in some way.

A. Reading Chat without showing ‘Online’ status and without changing the ‘Last seen’ option

In this WhatsApp secret, you can read the chat without showing your ‘Online’ status to anyone else. For this, first without opening WhatsApp, turn on the ‘Airplane mode’ of your mobile. Now, open the WhatsApp and read the required message. Once it is done then close your WhatsApp and turn off the ‘Airplane mode’. In this way, no one can figure out that you were online and read their message. Even, you don’t have to change the ‘Last seen’ setting for this.

B. Hiding WhatsApp Chat

In this WhatsApp secret, you can hide your personal WhatsApp chat without deleting it. Here, you just have to follow the below steps

  1. First go to specific WhatsApp group or Chat
  2. Now, select the ‘Archive’ option available on top.

Using this option you don’t have to delete chat every time for hiding your private message and you can easily recover them whenever it is required. This method allows you to hide your private WhatsApp chat safely.

C. Saving message in E-mail

In this WhatsApp secret, WhatsApp allows you to save message in E-mail through export option. You can save it including / excluding media documents from chat while exporting. For saving the WhatsApp chat on E-mail you can just follow the below steps:

  1. First go to specific WhatsApp group or Chat
  2. Then, click on the 3 dots available on top right side.
  3. Now, you have to select ‘More’ option
  4. Now, it will give option of ‘Export Chat’
  5. Then, it will ask that whether you want to export the chat ‘Without Media’ or ‘Include Media’ option. You can select any one of them.
  6. Now, share option will come. From that, you can select any of the available share option like GMail or your personal E-mail to save your message.

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