WhatsApp Tricks: No one can add you to unknown WhatsApp group, change these settings

The friendly features of WhatsApp make this app the most used in the world. WhatsApp brings new features according to the needs of its users. People all over the world use WhatsApp the most for chatting. We share chat, information, jokes with our family, friends and office colleagues through WhatsApp group. However, they often join you without your permission. It bothers many.

However, now no one can join you in any group without your permission. For this you have to make some changes in WhatsApp settings. After this setting no one will be able to add you to the group without your permission.

WhatsApp Group Tips and Tricks

    • First open your WhatsApp, then click on the three dots on the top right.
    • Now go to the Settings option and then click on Account.
    • Here you will get the option of privacy, click on it.
    • Now below you will see the option of Groups, after clicking on it, three options will appear on the screen
    • Now green will be written at the top which can add me to the group. I mean who can add me to the group.
    • One of these three options is Everyone, after which anyone can add you to the group.
    • Second, after you click on My Contacts, only people who are in contact can take you to the group.
    • The third option is My Contact Expect, that is, even the people in contact cannot take you in the group.
    • Now you can use any option of your choice
    • Now no one can add you to the group.

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