Xiaomi working on Smart Glass with this special features

xiaomi smart glass

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi is nowadays working on launching new smart glass. The company has also applied for a patent of this device. The company is planning to launch this smart glasses soon. Xiaomi’s this new smart glasses will have a more features than the available on its competitors. Xiaomi has mentioned about this in it’s newly recorded patent.

Xiaomi Smart Glass Features

As mentioned in reports, the Xiaomi Smart Glass will accompany 4F detection and a new therapeutic signal emitter. As indicated by a report from IT HOME, this new therapeutic signal emitter of this smart glass from Xiaomi can do photo-therapy.

This photo-therapy of smart glasses will help in the treatment of mental health conditions like Depression and mental illness. As per the report, the light signal from could be infrared, ultraviolet, laser and visible light.

This forthcoming smart glasses will also help in improving visual signals along with sound signal. This will help in improving performance of these glasses. It will help in making this device more better than it’s competitors. Further, the company has yet not revealed any more details about this smart glass. Even, they have yet not mentioned anything about launch date.

Xiaomi Corporation founded this company in April 2010. It have headquarter in Beijing. Xiaomi company is mostly known for manufacturing smartphones, laptops, home appliances and many other products.

Xiaomi launched it’s first smartphone in August 2011 and then started to gain more market share in China becoming the one of country’s biggest smartphone company in 2014. At the start of second quarter of 2018. Xiaomi became the fourth largest smartphone company in the world and leading in both India and China. Xiaomi later on increased it’s range of many electronic products connecting many smart devices and appliances.

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